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Can I cut that tile to fit?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

You may be thinking.. I love that tile but it's not the right size. They cut them to fit in the edges so I want to use this and my contractor can just cut them all. ?? Why not, right?? Bummer....... you can not. The middle of all your tile projects must be factory-size tile. The edges are sharp, uneven, and it is not something a good contractor will do. When picking out your tile make sure that what is in the middle is the actual factory size of the tile. Yes, it will make finding that right tile harder but it will be a more beautiful tile job and you will be extremely pleased with the end result. We, here at Dills Construction & Restoration, LLC, do not cut tile down for the middle of the project. Not for the shower, kitchen, wall, or any tile project.

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